A Trustworthy Bankruptcy Lawyer In Raleigh

Paying debts on time during the harsh economic times is hard for most people. This puts your properties, especially your home, at risk of repossessing by debt collectors or creditors. So, filing for bankruptcy may be an ideal move.


It’s a hard decision. Maybe you haven’t considered it lightly. You want to complete the process, but many people hastily approach Chapter 7 Raleigh or chapter 13. Hiring a professional bankruptcy lawyer is important. It can help you save a lot in the long run and help in making a move during financial recovery.


Better Negotiating 

When you want to file for bankruptcy, you may need to negotiate with lenders. While chapter 7 allows for more debt to be discharged, chapter 13 emphasizes repaying whatever you can. Irrespective of what you choose, you need a strong negotiating lawyer on your side. This will save you a lot of money. If you fail to get a lawyer, lenders will try to strong-arm you into repaying more, not to mention you will have to deal with them directly. To avoid all the headaches and reduce the amount you may have to repay, hire a professional bankruptcy attorney. 


Understand The Pros And Cons

An experienced bankruptcy lawyer will assist you in understanding what’s happening. You will be informed about what will happen to your credit rating and the type of debt you will eleminate and get insights into how to rebuild your credit score. Not all kinds of debts can be discharged. Some debts like student loans and child support can’t be washed away by filing for bankruptcy. The Berggren Law Offices, PLLC in Raleigh will go through the filing process as they explain to you everything you should know.


Representing You In Court

When filing for bankruptcy, you need to attend a compulsory hearing. However, subsequent hearings might follow based on your case. So, getting an attorney to represent you during the hearing is important as it will help you get a favorable outcome. 


You should make the right decision by hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Raleigh.     Attempting to do it alone will set you up for failure. The Berggren Law Offices, PLLC, will help you start your new financial journey. Our lawyers are qualified and skilled to help you.


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