S.K. Avatar
William has worked with my husband and I on our bankruptcy. He and his staff made the process very easy. We are now back on track and getting our lives back in order. Thanks!
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Nancy P. Avatar
Nancy P.
The advice and service I received from Mr. Berggren exceeded my expectations and influenced my life in ways that improved more than just my financial circumstances. I truly appreciated his wisdom, his integrity and the sensitive and professional manner in which he and his staff handled my bankruptcy.
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D. Avatar
Re the law office of William Berggren: I truly wish to thank him and staff for handling my case at a time in my life when health and financial challenges were overwhelming. Mr. Berggren put all my concerns at ease while providing clear details with handling every issue ranging from initial consultation,online Credit Counseling until to the final court appointment . Both me and my husband feel we have made a lifelong friend to whom we are forever grateful. I would highly recommend his service to anyone facing these same matters with someone to guide them through such struggling times.
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E. C. Avatar
E. C.
This Law firm is above the rest in the Triangle area. We got caught in the financial bubble and wanted to get our debt under control. We tried our bank and of course they said NO.... Than we went to another firm and they wanted us to sell everything we worked hard for...That was not a option. My husband found William Berggren. And of course there was Mia, Mr. berggren assistant/paralegal. We have since falling a couple of times but each time Mr. Berggren had our best interest in the fore front at all times.We are soon to meet our obligation and begin again. If you want to keep what you have struggled to have. Than give William Berggren a call TODAY!!!!
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Mark H. Avatar
Mark H.
I am very impressed with Mr. Berggren’s thoroughness, consideration and willingness to go the “extra mile.” I can highly recommend his services.
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J.B. Avatar
This firm has taken what could have been a stressful and emotional situation and completely stayed by my side every step of the way. They were compassionate, understanding and patient. When I was nervous, they were calm. When I had questions, they provided answers. I would ABSOLUTELY reend them.
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J.B. Avatar
I was just so pleased with u guys and the service I wanted to thank ya with all my heart because it was priceless the kindness, the sincerity in u guys it could have been $5,000 and I still would have paid it LOL ....
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F.B. Avatar
You have no idea how grateful I am for your help!!
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R.S. Avatar
William Berggren was very helpful and explained all of my options once I told him my situation. I would recommend him to anyone who may have a financial difficulty.
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W.B. Avatar
I had filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy with another attorney in 2010, but they did not explain the process to me. Mr. Berggren explained the process completely . . . .
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B.B. Avatar
Dear Attorney Berggren, Thank you so much for all of your help over the past six - seven years. I read some of the reviews about you from clients and agreed with all I read. I believe you are a God fearing, decent caring person first and then an attorney. Continue doing good to others and see how the Lord Who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that you ask or think, according to the power that worketh in you
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Lily R. Avatar
Lily R.
Bill was excellent to work with. He was very patient and explained everything in great detail. He also has a great sense of humor.
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Paul M. Avatar
Paul M.
Bill has made what was one of the most difficult and stressful times of our lives an easy passage to financial security. He explained what would happen and what to expect. And at the end all went better than we could have hoped for.
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T. Avatar
If you are looking for a professional, caring attorney that takes time to understand you and your case, Mr. Berggren is your lawyer. Not only is he caring and helpful but also funny, I am so glad to have met him. He has put my fears to rest and help[ed] me to understand the process in simple terms. I thank God for Mr. Berggren.
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W. & S.B. Avatar
W. & S.B.
Dear Mr. Berggren. Thank you so much for seeing us ... we appreciate the time you spent explaining the Bankruptcy Process. Mai and Mary were professional and helpful . . . We are most grateful for the “straight shooting” concerning our situation. We will do what we can and check in with you a year from now - We have decided to put the house up for sale and see where that goes – maybe if we are lucky we will be able to pay everyone with that ....
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Anonymous (posted on AVVO.com 1/21/2014) Avatar
Anonymous (posted on AVVO.com 1/21/2014)
By the time my husband found William Berggren we were at the end of our rope. We got caught in the financial bubble of 2008. Actually it started in 2007. but enough of that memory. We tried to get financial help from our bank, and we interviewed another law firm and they wanted us to sell everything we worked so hard to have. But not Mr. Berggren, he helped us liquidate what was necessary. We are very thankful for Mr. Berggren and his wonderful staff. We are soon to meet our obligation and Mr. Berggren made that happen. We have always referred Mr. Berggren and his Law firm by word of mouth. But I am told this is the new age referral. So if you need a attorney to stand beside you not in front or behind you. Than choose William Berggren. call him TODAY.... God Bless you ....
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Jessica M. Avatar
Jessica M.
Attorney William Berggren was so understanding. I came into his office as a single mother about to lose everything, crying and losing sleep .... He has been there anytime I needed him. I would recommend him to anyone who is trying to get their finances under control ....
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Donna M. Avatar
Donna M.
Bill, I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks for doing a great job in handling my bankrupty case. You have been very professional and without your services and support I would be in a much worse position. Thank you for your excellent job and I wish you success in all that you do. You do outstanding work.
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B. F. Avatar
B. F.
This firm has to get top ratings. They are efficient, effective, and on point with every step of the process. Bill Berggren advised me well as to what to expect every step of the way, and everything went as advised. I came out not only on my feet, but bouncing on my feet and able to fully recover.
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L.H. Avatar
Life’s challenges can hit extremely hard sometimes. Whether the cause is from making bad decisions or as a result of transactions or situations in which you know you absolutely did nothing wrong! But still life challenges us! When one of the hardest challenges of our lives hit me and my husband “bankruptcy” was a “dirty word” to me!

When we met William Berggren and his staff we were greeted with respect and made to feel that bankruptcy is not a “dirty word” but rather a “second chance,” “a new beginning!” We have been treated with such dignity, kindness, and patience that Mr. Berggren and his staff turned our challenge into a pleasurable experience. Mr. Berggren explains every conceivable option that you may have and honestly and caringly guides you through the decision making process! He continues to follow-up with you throughout the year or years of your case and never fails to alert you of any opportunity that will make your experience the absolute best!

We are so grateful for his services that we have referred various family members and friends to him and they all say the same thing that we do about Mr. Berggren and his staff, “When life hits you with challenges fight back with someone who cares!” William Berggren cares!! 🙂
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C.M. Avatar
Bill Berggren is a kind soul who knows his business inside and out. More importantly, he is compassionate, patient, and non-judgmental. He answered all our questions. I have never felt this comfortable revealing my financial situation to a lawyer.
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